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Mirko Trussardi

Hello, I’m a 26-year-old Italian guy looking for an extra earning by turning my passion into a real job opportunity. I’ve always loved the English language, culture and even literature since I was a child. I used to listen to Eminem’s songs without getting a word so I decided to buy an Oxford Wordpower dictionary -suggested by my teacher who was also keen on rap songs and said that understanding English songs was the first step to learn more complex forms of the langauge- and started translating every single word whether it was a slang, a common expression or a particular American idiom. After that, I began watching movies with subtitles as well,and definetely improved my listening and spaking skills. Furhermore, I spent 3 years in London working as a bartender and attended the Cambridge ESOL Advanced English course. (..)

I’ve never thought I could actually earn some money by using English as a means of communication on the website, then lately I’ve come across your website and realised that it is possible.

If my “application” gets a positive response, I will gladly spend my spare time (where possible) by translating some articles or songs, depending on your requests.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, I thank you and wish you a nice evening.


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